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Purchase your own copy of Elizabeth’s popular book The Sound of the Call, a living pictorial history of the evolution of the folk festival tradition in Australia. Featured on ABC radio and regional news, the book is now available direct from the author.

For 25 year or so years, the mid western town of Gulgong held a traditional folk festival, just like many dry and dusty grass roots town. By 2009, audience enthusiasm for riddly-diddly reels and trad folk had begun to wane, and the festival ground to a halt.

In 2012, reformed punk rock drummer Richard Lawson of Lime Spiders fame took a wild punt on Gulgong. He revived the festival and turned it into one of the most interesting events on the Australian indie circuit.

Featuring soon to be Oz legends before the market even knew of their existence, the newly revived Gulgong festival showed some of Australia’s hottest new indie acts before other larger festivals grabbed hold of the wagon. In a sit-up-and-listen success, this tiny regional festival attracted Daniel Champagne, Genevieve Chadwick and The April Maze in its first season. But the gig was just warming up.

By the second year, the festival featured Fanny Lumsden, The Falls, Roesy, Jack Carty, The Twocks, Fleur Wiber and Melody Jane Pool, a line up soon to be followed by many of the larger events on the Australian circuit.

Elizabeth Walton is a freelance writer and photographer who has contributed feature stories to The Australian, Penguin Books, Reuters News, and magazines on every continent across the globe. She spent the summer of 2012 with just a camera and a notebook for company, exploring the call to throw convention to the breeze and meander with the will of the winds.

She roamed all over New South Wales before eventually stumbling upon the Gulgong Folk Festival. This is her story.

“It’s the story of a small town shaping its identity in the face of the future, it’s the story of Australian indie musicians and a life on the road,” Elizabeth says.¬† “More than anything, it’s the story of following your dreams, your passions, and following the sound of the call to make each day your own”.

To order your copy of this full colour book, email the author today elizabethwalton2780@gmail.com.

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