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  1. Wow! You are a lady of many talents aren’t you? Your photos are absolutely wonderful. You certainly have a great eye for a good shot.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Heather, I really appreciate the feedback. Liz.

  3. You have a lovely eye for detail, I particularly like your nature photos.

  4. Tara-Lea Oct 7th 2010

    The red blood Sydney harbour bridge is just stunning ! It really pulls you in. Very captivating.

  5. Jenny Blue Dec 6th 2010

    very very impressive!! thank you for sharing xx

  6. Fabulous Liz, you really are creative and soooo talented!

  7. Gal. Very nice?

  8. Always knew you were talented, very artistic!

    Proud Mum

  9. That’s what the whole world needs – an appreciative and loving mum – thanks Mum xxx