Words and Pictures

with Elizabeth Walton

Words, Pictures, Sound, Motion …

Elizabeth Walton is a freelance writer, musician, videographer¬†and photographer. Elizabeth writes for The Australian, as well as newspapers and magazines in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Her photojournalistic review of the Gulgong Festival is available here. Most editors say writers make very poor photographers. They also usually say Elizabeth is the exception to the rule. Her work covers a diverse range of topics including the arts, culture, technology, personality profiles, environmental issues, legal issues and corporate work. She has produced materials for radio, video, newspaper, mazagine and online publications – and has photographed everything from prime ministers to food products.Elizabeth Walton was a contributing writer for text for the Penguin DIY compendium¬†Based in Australia’s Blue Mountains since the mid 1990′s, Elizabeth has strong connections with the local community. She wrote feature stories about local folks and issues for the Blue Mountains Independent throughout the 90′s. She is a ghost writer for corporate professionals and produces feature length publications for any format. Elizabeth has received 5 business awards in her own right and is now sharing her skills in preparing award submissions with a select group of elite business professionals.

Her photographic art and drawings have been exhibited in her home town in the Blue Mountains, as well as in regional areas of New South Wales. She is a director of the Blue Mountains regional chamber of commerce, Biznet, and was appointed by Blue Mountains City Council as a community representative for the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and regional gallery.

PO Box 410 Katoomba NSW 2780

0415 940 421